1. 2444 Dan Tedesco 5:34
  2. Adventureland Dan Tedesco 3:30
  3. American Darkness Dan Tedesco 4:01
  4. The Wolves Are Runnin' Wild, Tonight Dan Tedesco 3:57
  5. Maybe I Should Do More Drugs Dan Tedesco 3:56
  6. Mad Cow Dan Tedesco 3:32
  7. Why The Seeds Won't Grow Dan Tedesco 2:57
  8. Fire In The Tumbleweed Dan Tedesco 3:29
  9. Death In The Valley Dan Tedesco 4:49


4 days ago

Dan Tedesco
Tour picks back up tonight!⠀10/22 - @KnuckleheadsKC - (KC, MO)⠀10/23 - @SoiledDoveUnderground - (Denver, CO)⠀#stepbackintothelight2021 ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Dan Tedesco
This whole month, on the DTMC, I've been focusing on the song, "Tracks On Fire" - where it came from and how I've transformed it from the anthemic rock song we originally recorded to a more intimate ballad (as heard on Live @ IPR Studio One). Tonight, as part of my, "From A House In Iowa" sessions on the music channel, I'll be sharing a live performance of the song. Played on the same guitar I used to write it, this performance is in the spirit of how, "Tracks On Fire", was originally conceived some 13 years ago in my Chicago apartment.See you on the DTMC ✌️-DT ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Dan Tedesco
It's all about balance. The music and the lyrics working together which create, honestly, some sort of magic. I think too often, in the songwriter world, it's always very literary. It's all about the lyrics. But, really, it's about how the lyrics fall against the music. How they are sung. Phrased. Stretched. Bent. Flung in and out of tune. Screamed. Whispered. ⠀Of course the lyrics matter, but when they work WITH the music it goes to a whole other level. 👍 ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Dan Tedesco
The Tragedy Of The Arts. You never conquer it. You test yourself. You test the definition of yourself. You question who you are, who we are. Maybe you find an answer or two, a short period of resolution. But it’s just a comma. And those answers lead to more questions. Different melodies. New rhythms. A shifting in the shades of light and the pattern of shadows. You can go deep or keep it bubble-gum, sometimes simultaneously. But there is no arrival. No end in sight. It is, I suppose, both a gift and a curse, this tragedy of the arts.Thanks for continuing to listen 🎧 ... See MoreSee Less
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