A Life in Rock ‘n Roll

I am Dan Tedesco, a 28 year-old singer/songwriter based out of the north side of Chicago only a few blocks from the infamous Wrigley Field. I’ve been able to support myself for the last four years solely as a professional musician and in that time I put together my own band – Dan Tedesco and the Long Haul. I’ve performed all over the country, both with and without the Long Haul. There’s been backyard parties, weddings, small-town bars, summer festivals and serious venues in some of our nation’s most historic music cities. I released my first full-length album with the Long Haul entitled, “Starin’ at a Green Light” in early 2009 and toured from coast to coast in support of it. You can check it out on iTunes or CDBaby.com if you like. I’ve done all of this completely independent of any record label, booking agency or management company. I own a 2001 dark blue Ford E-150 which functions as the “tour bus” for myself, the band and LOTS of gear.
Now that you know a little about me, I want to be clear on something else: Rock ‘n Roll. What is it to you? Everyone has their own definition. To me, rock ‘n roll has always been a metaphor for life, and I don’t mean the “Sex, Drugs ‘n Rock ‘n Roll” life. I’m talking about real life: work, family, home, love, community, responsibility, honesty, fear, sadness, loss, hope, failure, dreams and the unwillingness to settle. It is what you get if you distill every last drop of blood, sweat and tears from your daily life.
So…..with that in mind, it is my hope that through this blog you may be able to learn something about yourself. Maybe even become inspired in some way. Whatever it may be, the last thing I want this to focus on: Me.
I invite you to pack up your gear and hop in the van. May Rock ‘n Roll take you home….
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