Dan Tedesco Music Channel


Dan Tedesco Music Channel

What is the Dan Tedesco Music Channel?

Your gateway to my music, my stories, my art, my world.


My gateway to you and your engagement with me and all of my content.

Membership: One Fee = Everything I Produce

For one fee you get everything I produce, and I get any feedback you may have to help sculpt my art. You’ll hear from me each week via email, linking you to each month’s content.



No login required. No downloading required. No apps required.


What You Get

  • Music – all new releases plus the back catalog
  • Film/Videos
  • Live performances, including my popular “From A House In Iowa”
  • Artwork accompanying my songs
  • Liner notes – stories, context, influences
  • Technical tips – guitar tips, secrets and insights tied to the songs
  • Collaborations with other artists
  • A platform for our dialog – I want to hear from you
  • AND
  • The album re-imagined.

Why the DTMC?

So I can concentrate on my art and you. Engaging with a passionate few will focus all my energy where it belongs. The art. The stories. The audience. You.

This is a revolutionary way to connect with an artist.

Instead of following me on numerous platforms and social media profiles, you’ll now be able to access everything in one centralized location. This simplifies things for both of us.

Why a Membership Model Now?

I’ve been sculpting this concept for some time. But our time, now, is one of turmoil, chaos and opportunity. Though I intended to launch this “soon” it’s clear to me that now is the time. Others in the business of content creation like journalists and writers have pursued the “membership model” of late, but I’ve not seen it take hold among musicians.

Now it will. Now I will. Now we will.

Not only is now the right time for this model, but it’s also the right time to launch the Dan Tedesco Music Channel with my new project.

Let me explain…

This Is The Album, Reimagined.

Released horizontally instead of vertically, an album or EP will be delivered one track at a time, one month at a time. Liner notes, lyrics, video performances and artwork will accompany each new song, much like a traditional album.

This Is The DTMC.

Join the Dan Tedesco Music Channel for $10/month or $100/year. To my knowledge there is nothing else out there quite like it.

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