Hittin’ the Road…

Yep, that’s right, tomorrow I’m hitting the road for a couple of days. I’ll be on a solo tour through Cincinnati, OH (Thursday, July 29th) and Nashville, TN (July 30th). In Cincinnati I’m playing at a venue called the Southgate House which is regarded as the best music venue in the city – not including the big time spots like theaters and arenas 🙂 It’s a really, really cool place. It’s the old historic home of the guy that invented the Tommy Gun, and their very proud of this fact. I believe you can purchase your own Southgate House t-shirt toting this fact for about $15-20. Anyway, they have three venues in the house. One main room that holds about 1,000, a smaller room that holds a couple hundred and then a lounge. The lounge is where I’ll be tomorrow night. It’s basically a little space set up by the main bar. You get lots foot traffic and exposure as people come in/leave from the other shows. We had a great time in the Lounge back in April, and I’m looking forward to my solo show there tomorrow night.

As for Nashville, I’m playing with a friend – Larry, from Hurricane Doyle (check them out – they’re solid) who we met playing in the area back in April at a venue called the Five Spot. It’s in East Nashville and so far I have heard only great things about this spot (no pun intended, of course). Fingers crossed.

I’ll heading out around 1pm tomorrow in Ol’ Blue – the infamous “touring bus” that you’ve heard me mention. She’s a 2001 Ford E-150 V-8 conversion van. I’m all class. So if the balding front tires can do me one more solid I should be good to go. The van is just about packed up and ready to roll.

My plan is to bring my laptop and blog at least once if not a couple of times a day on this tour, so be ready. You can come join me on the road. If I can get some decent photos with my iPhone I’ll post them as well. Some point in the not so distant future I’ll have a video camera – and that’s when the fun will REALLY start. So for now I say good night. I’ll talk to you guys from the road manana. Rock on.

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