Dan Tedesco Complete Discography (Digital Download)


Includes digital downloads of all 5 albums. 51 tracks plus 3 bonus demo tracks from Death In The Valley = 54 tracks. This is a great price for Dan's hardcore fans at $0.56 per track. You can only buy this here!

Starin' At A Green Light (2009)
Tracks On Fire (2011)
Death In The Valley (2014)
Dan Tedesco (2015)
Dan Tedesco II (2016)

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Primary Track Listing (Samples included in links below):

Starin’ At A Green Light

  1. Bound For Glory
  2. The Corn Is Gettin’ High
  3. Bills to Pay
  4. Symphony In The City
  5. Livin Tomorrow for Today
  6. Tow-Truck Man
  7. Comin’ Home to You
  8. A Long Haul
  9. Goodnight, Christine
  10. Starin’ At A Green Light
  11. Rock On

Tracks On Fire

  1. Burn the Barn Down
  2. How Good It Feels
  3. Lookin’ For A Girl Like You
  4. Rollin’ On Down The Line
  5. Hold On to Me
  6. Tracks On Fire
  7. The Band Still Has A Few Tunes Left To Play
  8. Years Ago
  9. All Rock ‘n Roll In The End
  10. Whiskey Roads

Death In The Valley

  1. Over The Rise
  2. Fire In The Tumbleweed
  3. Closin’ For The Season
  4. Red Eyes
  5. The Truce
  6. Miss America
  7. Back Home Again
  8. Rubber Left To Burn
  9. Favorite Of All-Time
  10. Death In The Valley

Dan Tedesco

  1. Mad Cow
  2. Why The Seeds Won’t Grow
  3. The Outlier
  4. Maybe I Should Do More Drugs
  5. The Birds Were Headin’ South
  6. Ain’t Meant To Be Alone
  7. I’m Leavin’
  8. Waitin’ At The Gate
  9. Life Ever After
  10. I Didn’t Come Here To Get Mellow

Dan Tedesco II

1. My, Oh My (The Heart Of The Crowd)
2. If The World Only Knew
3. Critical Acclaim
4. Dylan Went Electric
5. One-Hit Wonders
6. I Don’t Know Where That Leaves Me
7. Dark Houses
8. Fat On The Bone
9. Keep Runnin’ On
10. Let Me Play My Guitar (I Will Not Do You Wrong)

Please note: physical copies of Dan’s music are no longer available for sale.


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