DT (I) and DT (II) Double-Album [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]


Includes both albums: all 20 tracks in a single download. Click on a linked track name to listen.
Track listing:

Vol. 1

  1. Mad Cow
  2. Why The Seeds Won't Grow
  3. The Outlier
  4. Maybe I Should Do More Drugs
  5. The Birds Were Headin' South
  6. Ain't Meant To Be Alone
  7. I'm Leavin'
  8. Waitin' At The Gate
  9. Life Ever After
  10. I Didn't Come Here To Get Mellow

Vol 2.

1. My, Oh My (The Heart Of The Crowd)
2. If The World Only Knew
3. Critical Acclaim
4. Dylan Went Electric
5. One-Hit Wonders
6. I Don't Know Where That Leaves Me
7. Dark Houses
8. Fat On The Bone
9. Keep Runnin' On
10. Let Me Play My Guitar (I Will Not Do You Wrong)

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“I wrote the songs for DT (I) and (II) – essentially a double-record released in two pieces, 6 months apart – without even realizing I was writing an album. It was experimentation. I was singing and playing into the tiny condenser mic on my iPad for Christ’s sake. And maybe that’s why I’m so happy with how it turned out. So little was planned. It was exciting and scary. I allowed certain things to come through that I would not have allowed, previously. After months of demos and audio engineering trials, it occurred to me I’d written a story about where we are, right now. This strange place where everyone is so connected that we almost aren’t at all. Where humans and technology are riding in a GPS-guided wagon, barreling downhill with wheels rattling.”

“DT (I) is looking inward. I wanted to capture the feeling of isolation; of being lost in the crowd. The arrangements turned very raw and simple. DT (II), by contrast, is looking outward. I needed it to feel bigger ’n busier; the sensation of working through the crowd. The arrangements, as a result, became more complex, and I juxtaposed the lo-fi quality against the relentlessness of electronic drum loops.”

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